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Canada cosmetic surgeon Dr. Middleton welcomes you to The Advanced Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center. With more than 25 years of experience and advanced surgical training in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Middleton believes in creating a natural appearance in a warm, inviting environment. He and his staff ensure that patients receive a valuable and rewarding experience during their visit. At The Advanced Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center, located in Toronto, Canada, patients can take the time they need to fully express their concerns.

Artistically approaching the needs of every patient, Dr. Middleton specializes in a variety of facial rejuvenation, nasal, breast, and body procedures. These include breast augmentation, breast lifting, liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, rhinoplasty, facelifting, eyelid surgery (including Asian Eye surgery), Botox, fillers, Ultrashape non-surgical fat removal, fractional laser skin resurfacing, thermal skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and laser tattoo and hair removal. Due to his immense knowledge and experience in cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Middleton has, on several occasions, been featured as an expert on popular television shows, including Style By Jury, Skin Deep, Cityline, and Plastic Makes Perfect.

Individuals from near and far travel to the practice of Dr. Middleton, a highly sought-after Canada cosmetic surgeon who understands the aesthetics of plastic surgery. To learn how a non-surgical or surgical enhancement can bring out “the new you,” turn to the Canada cosmetic surgery practice of Dr. Middleton. The initial consultation will benefit you in that it provides the opportunity to ask questions and become more familiar with your procedure(s) of choice.

Please take the time to view Dr. Middleton’s work in his before and after photo gallery. You can also watch his live television appearances, right here, on

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As the patient coordinators for Dr. Middleton, our role is to guide you through the necessary steps involved with arranging your consultation and surgery. Dr. Middleton, a board certified cosmetic surgeon, treats individuals from throughout the world. Therefore, we conveniently provide a program for people out of the area, which entails e-mailing photos to our office and then receiving recommendations from Dr. Middleton. Following this process, you will be given a surgical quote, which includes the anesthesia and operating room fees. We will also suggest an aftercare facility to those who are visiting from out of the area. Our staff looks forward to helping you reach your goals!

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